Local Numbers

Emergency Police Department 911
Fire Department 911
Hospitals Genesis Medical Center (Illini), Silvis, IL (309) 281-4000
Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, IA (563) 421-1000
Hammond-Henry Hospital, Geneseo, IL (309) 944-6431
Trinity Medicial Center, Rock Island, IL (309) 779-5000
Trinity Medicial Center, Muscatine, IA (563) 264-9100
QC Chamber of Commerce Moline, IL
(309) 757-5416 View Website
Davenport, IA (563) 322-1706
City Halls East Moline, IL (309) 752-1581 View Website
Geneseo, IL (309) 944-6419 View Website
Moline, IL (309) 524-2000 View Website
Rock Island, IL (309) 732-2000 View Website
Bettendorf, IA (563) 344-4014 View Website
Davenport, IA (563) 326-7711 View Website
Muscatine, IA (563) 264-1550 View Website
Libraries East Moline Public Library (309) 755-9614 View Website
Geneseo Public Library (309) 944-6452 View Website
Moline Public Library (309) 762-0609 View Website
Rock Island Public Library (309) 732-7323 View Website
Bettendorf Public Library (563) 344-4178 View Website
Davenport Public Library (563) 326-7832 View Website
Musser Public Library (Muscatine, IA) (563) 263-3065 View Website



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